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110+ Listings — Let's Celebrate! With the Release of the Stones of Erasmus Educational Digital Download Catalog (as of Summer 2022)

In this post, I reveal how well-organized I am and as a result, you now have a bird's eye view of every educational digital download available in my TpT store.

Hello, Teachers, and Friends,

One thing I love about Teachers Pay Teachers is that it has forced me to become more organized. I am not naturally an organized person. In Kindergarten, my teachers bewailed my lunchroom messiness and in middle school, I barely kept my Trapper Keeper intact. However, flash forward to 2022 -- and I have at least become more organized on TpT and in my own teaching practice.

Remember when you used to receive the Sears catalog as a kid, and you would circle in red marker the items you wanted and hoped mom or dad would notice? Well, you are an adult now, with a bank account, so you don't have to beg mom or dad. But, you can click the link and add to your wish list any of the items listed. Not going to brag, but I think you will be delighted. As recent buyers have said:

"Thank you for scaffolding the reading into manageable reading chunks and providing writing opportunities."

- Margie 

"Love [your] products! Very thought-provoking. I used [it for] distance learning with students in zoom class."

- Aron 

So, there you go.

Here is the complete catalog for the Stones of Erasmus store. Feast your eyes.

Stones of Erasmus Catalog 

as of 
Summer 2022

A Growing Bundle from the Stones of Erasmus Educational Digital Download Store on Teachers Pay Teachers
Note: This catalog does not include bundles (except for a few exceptions). Listings with an asterisk * are free.

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A bundle of philosophy resources for the middle and high school classroom!

PDF Copy for Printing