On Gratitude

There is an ancient myth that the world is carried aloft on the shell of a great, cosmic turtle.

I thank the turtle that holds the world aloft.


Chef Boyardee: Wheat Girl

An ad campaign from Chef Boyardee
A photograph of the archetypal farm girl getting intimate with her "amber waves of grain" is so totally interesting to me  even without the Chef Boyardee ad copy (that would normally be pasted over this warped gesture to Norman Rockwell).
The original ad copy reads:
Oh look, a mother's daydream. It'll never be a reality. So serve them Chef Boyardee Whole Grain Beefaroni, now with whole grain pasta. Just don't tell them.Obviously Delicious. Secretly Nutritious.
Image Source: Zachary Scott


On a Sunday Trip Over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge

Verrazano Bridge
The Verrazano Bridge that connects Brooklyn to Staten Island celebrates fifty years this week. The bridge spans the Narrows, a strip of the waterway that divides Upper and Lower New York Bay.
It is often visible when I'm out and about walking around my neighborhood. Even though I live about fifty blocks away.

It's an impressive bridge. But too bad there ain't pedestrian walkways or a bike path. Only once a year, for the NYC marathon are its gates open for peeps.

Lately, I've had to make trips across the Narrows for work. So I get to see the bridge up close.

I feel like Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.


Why "All Souls Day" Has a Special Place in My Heart

Poets in Limbo (1890), Gustav Doré
All Souls Day gets little attention compared with yesterday's feast of All Saints and the eve prior to All Saints popularly called Halloween.

As a secular Catholic — or whichever epithet you prefer to call me (I prefer "Cajun Queen") — there is a special place in my heart for All Souls Day.

I think All Souls Day must have a place for me.