Valentine, Christian Martyr and Saint — Resources for the Middle and High School Humanities and English Language Arts Classroom

Hey, y'all. I feel like Valentine's Day is such an ingrained part of American school life; however, few of us know the actual, legendary story. So—let's rectify that with a true-to-the-source resource on Valentine, a Christian martyr from Rome in the Third Century. Let's go!

You'll love this historically-based resource detailing the mystery surrounding Valentine the Saint and Valentine's Day. Download it here from my TpT store.

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm thrilled to share my latest educational adventure with you! We're diving into the mysterious world of Saint Valentine, a figure whose story is as fascinating as it is enigmatic. In 1969, the Catholic Church made the intriguing decision to remove Saint Valentine from its liturgical calendar, citing doubts about his true identity. Was there one Valentine, or several figures merging into this legendary name? This captivating question is the cornerstone of our new resource, designed to spark curiosity and critical thinking among students.

What's Inside This Resource?
  • Print and Digital Access: Get your hands on both PDF and Google Workspace formats, plus Easel integration.
  • Three-Day Lesson Plan: Complete with insightful teacher's notes.
  • Key Characters and Places Anchor Chart: Situate Valentine in his ancient Roman milieu of the 3rd century.
  • Reading Cards: Dive into the 'Lives of the Saints' and a detailed dictionary entry on Saint Valentine, each enriched with art and literary connections.
  • Note-taking Template & 16-Question Bank: Tailored for both teachers and students.
  • Exit Ticket: A crucial tool for assessing student understanding and a foundation for research and writing assignments.
  • Frayer Model Vocabulary Template: Engage students visually and creatively in understanding vocabulary.
  • Research Paper Prompt: Encourage students to explore the historical depths of Saint Valentine's life and legends.
  • Further Reading List: Far from just a bibliography, this is a treasure trove for deeper exploration and student projects.

Designed for middle and high schoolers, this resource fits seamlessly into thematic lessons around Saint Valentine's Day in English Language Arts and Humanities classes.

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