About Me

Greig Roselli
Everything I do centers around writing, reading, and reaching out through art, letters, ideas, and my especial love for café au lait. I also make a mean potato salad. 

Contact me about anything related to the humanities and arts and letters. 
Mini Biography
Hi, there! I grew up in the Southern part of Louisiana, and I was a very energetic child who loved playing with matchbox cars. In high school, I was a theater kid and wrote a lot of embarrassing poetry, and I was also a member of the library committee. After I graduated from college, where I studied continental philosophy and literature in the US and Europe, I became a Benedictine monk. Later, I left the monastery and taught High School English in New Orleans. Over the years, I've had a variety of teaching jobs, including working as a tutor at the New York Public Library, teaching math and English at a Satmar Hasidic school in Brooklyn, as an adjunct lecturer of philosophy in downtown Brooklyn, and a middle school humanities teacher in Harlem. Currently, I live in Queens and work as a humanities teacher at an independent school.
I graduated with a Master's in Philosophy from the New School for Social Research in May 2012 in New York City. I have a Master's degree in English from Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, LA, and an advanced English teaching certification from CUNY Hunter College (for grades 7-12). My Bachelor's degree is from Saint Joseph Seminary College and the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, in Liberal Arts and Philosophy, respectively. 
Recent Publications
I have contributed copy to NoodleNewslinesTeachers Pay Teachers, and LinkedIn, as well as on my writer's blog. In 2013, I self-published a collection of essays called Things I Shouldn't Have Said (And Other Faux Pas). In 2012, I gave a paper entitled "Proust and the Problem of the Photographic Image" about modernity and realism in philosophy and the fate of the novel. I was also featured in the Fall 2010 issue of Canon Magazine, an interdisciplinary journal for the New School for Social Research in New York, for a piece on wonder. I contributed a chapter, "Youth, Masculinity and the Shattering of Sight in Snow," in Essays Interpreting the Writings of Novelist Orhan Pamuk: The Turkish Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, by Nilgün Anadolu-Okur published by the Mellen Press in June 2009.

Check out the CV and my Intellectual Biography. I also have written a teaching statement which you can read here. In addition, I have also compiled a history of my professional development activity as an educator.
What People Say About Me As An Educator
I have been fortunate to work with incredible teachers and students through the years. Read some letters teachers and students have written about me.
I am interested in genealogy and did some work on the Greig, Roselli, Perronne, and Killman, (et al.) family history. I collect MAD magazines, and I used to collect die-cast cars. I'm a cinema buff (François Truffaut is a favorite) and a voracious reader, and I have a penchant for coming-of-age stories.
Teachers Pay Teachers
Follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers! I have a catalog of Philosophy and Humanities-related resources for the middle and high school classroom. Middle and High School English and History teachers will benefit from my store. Share my linktree.
The author sits next to a dilapidated barn somewhere in South Louisiana.