What can be found here?

A miscellany of my lit-crit, film reviews, images, creative writings, and notes, mainly so I can put 'em somewhere instead of on my shelf where no one can read 'em. I recently published on Amazon Kindle Select the best stuff from Stones of Erasmus.

What is "Stones of Erasmus"?

At my alma mater, KU Leuven in Belgium (the same university Erasmus attended), we philosophers would banter on the way to class, "If only the stones could talk," or "What would the stones of Erasmus say?" The moniker stuck and I use it to imagine blog entries like talking stones.

Can I write for this site?

I am looking for competent, creative writers. I can not pay right now, but you maintain ownership of your work and can remove the content you produce for this site at any time. If interested in being a regular contributor please contact me. Provide a CV and a bio and what you want to contribute. I'm looking for movie reviewers, book reviewers, and pop culture critics.

Is the content on Stones of Erasmus protected by copyright?

Content on stonesoferasmus.com is protected under a Common Creative license and must be appropriately attributed to the copyright holder.

Can I use your stuff?

If you use my stuff please attribute the content to Greig Roselli.

What if I want to sell your content?                                    

Content cannot be used for commercial purposes without permission. 

Do you have an online store?

I sell Philosophy and English Language Arts educational resources for the middle and high school classroom on Teachers Pay Teachers, Made by Teachers, and Kahoot!

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