The pig people: urban legend or fact?

They live under interstate highways. In New Orleans, they call them the "pig people." The locals say they're cannibals and their noses are upturned, like a pig. At least that's what was told to me on Carrollton and Tulane the other night. At about two in the morning. I just had coffee with Danita and I took the streetcar back to school. But I had to transfer to a bus. The bus wasn't coming anytime soon, so I figured I might as well walk.
The pig people purportedly live under the interstate in New Orleans 

Home was only five blocks away. But I was afraid of walking underneath the overpass at night. The interstate loomed before me like a badly placed skateboard park. From my room at Notre Dame, the blinking lights of vehicles communicate to me during REM sleep, the balustrades to commerce, concrete effigies that simultaneously (concurrently) hold up the little modules of despair, racing through our fair country, while harboring pig people down below in her concrete bosom.

So I decided not to risk an encounter so I waited for the last bus.

At the bus stop, I asked about the pig people to some wearied travelers.

Here is what they sang:
In her concrete bosom, the pig people sleep.

the pig people live and eat.
the pig people, the loup garoux, the boogey man,
the monster in the closet, the fear out to get ya, man.

boom, hear that, y’all?

yeah, bitch, she's keen on your hide,
her nose upturned like a pig snake, like a pig,
like a celluloid freak from the comic pages of your friendly horror page;

an immaculate mother, slouching to Bethlehem --

Urban legend?

Maybe. But no. It's not a legend. I have never seen a pig person, but I am sure they exist because I have seen their shadows lurking behind the balustrades of the interstate and I can give you a considerable amount of witnesses who can attest to their existence.

Next time you are around the interstate at night (or even by day) please let me know if you encounter the pig people.

Update: I heard a rumor that Master P is doing a horror flick based on the pig people legend in New Orleans.


  1. AnonymousMay 31, 2010

    the orginal pig ppl ledgend was started by my uncle in hills of pa mountains

  2. Wow. That's cool. If you have any more information please share with me. I am interested in this legend.

    1. It's real I ran from them when I was younger come up in the uptown area carnell Allen call me

  3. not the same people, in pa, its a legend, in New orleans, there are a group of people, they mingled with pigs many years ago, and these are the offspring, and they're homeless 'cause people dont want to rent to pigs. but we only have a small percentage of actual pig blood. My name is bill, and i come from the pig people......we don't refer to ourselves as pig people, we call ourselves pernilo.

  4. ur a fuking pig aceppt it mr bill and ur not real!!!!!!!!!

  5. AnonymousMay 03, 2011

    Bill reveal yourself if your real

  6. There are cases of people born with a genetic anomaly where thier skin is thicker and deficient in sweat glands like a pigs. Reports of them faded about 50 years ago it was theorized that the gene is recessive and with inbreeding no longer a nacessity they have died out.
    My cousins told me of a family in Louisianna near Laffeyette that would go underneath thier house when it was hot because they could not sweat like a normal person.

  7. R u fuckin kidding me....this is sum bs and u fuckin kno it....anonymous show urself....peps kills me...

  8. we are not pig people or are we?? but we do walk out pig under the 610 interstate near Elysian Fields

    1. Yes? I wonder if it is fun to pig out under the 610 interstate?

  9. There’s a family in New Orleans who are allegedly pig people. They have pig statues in front of their house

  10. They live in the downtown area

  11. AnonymousJuly 29, 2022

    Aint no stinkin pig people, and if their are they ain't hurting nobody and we pay our taxes

  12. When jesus was looking to share wisdom with a pair of young brothers, there mother hid them in the oven so jesus wouldn't find them, Jesus asked, :what's in the oven?" And the mother said, "it's just some pigs I was going to cook", so Jesus said," Then let them be pigs, and they turned into pigs...


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