Exploring Ancient Rome: The Majestic Bust of Marcus Aurelius at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I've taken to re-visiting some of my favorite works of art. Here's a fantastic piece from Rome — created around the second century C.E.
Exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City today. I’m admiring a second-century C.E. bust of a Roman youth. This isn’t just any youth - it’s a youthful portrait of Marcus Aurelius, the philosopher and Roman emperor.

I absolutely adore this exquisite bust of a young Roman youth! Take a closer look; you'll be amazed by the vibrant colors that adorn it, just like many ancient sculptures. The attention to detail is remarkable, particularly in the naturalistic portrayal of the cascading curls and other intricate features.

But let me share a fascinating secret with you: this isn't just any ordinary youth; it's the likeness of none other than Marcus Aurelius, the remarkable Roman Emperor. However, his influence extended far beyond the realm of politics. Marcus Aurelius was also a philosopher, specifically a Stoic philosopher. He penned an extraordinary book titled "The Meditations," which continues to captivate readers today, including business executives searching for ways to alleviate anxiety and maximize their profits.

Marcus Aurelius' philosophy centered on pursuing inner harmony through reason. He believed in transcending the shackles of turbulent emotions, understanding that they could hinder one's path to fulfillment. By embracing a rational approach to life, he advocated for discovering one's true purpose and staying steadfast on that journey.

So, this magnificent bust embodies the artistic prowess of ancient sculptors and serves as a timeless symbol of a wise ruler and a profound thinker. It beckons us to reflect on the enduring wisdom found within Marcus Aurelius' teachings and contemplate how we, too, can cultivate balance and clarity in our own lives.

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