People Watching on the 42nd Street Shuttle Platform at Grand Central Station in New York City

As I sit on a platform in Grand Central Station, I muse on the binary between being talkative and silent and observing.
The author of Stones of Erasmus people watches on the 42nd Street Shuttle platform.

Sometimes I sit. And watch the people. During the week, as a teacher, I’m consistently talking and some such. To find me quiet on a workday would be an anomaly. Ask my students or my work wife, Amira, aka @dyspraxic_nightmare. That’s why on Sundays, I like to observe. And that’s why I chose today to sit and watch for a bit on the 42nd Street Shuttle platform that carries straphangers to Times Square. This weekend the 7 train is not running in the city, so the shuttle is crowded. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (@mtarecently) renovated the platform area, so it’s spacious in that helpful way good design tends (to do). The more, the merrier? Is it stoic of me to take it all in? Or am I a hedonist — greedily choking down a ginger-vanilla flavored Diet Coke? Let me know in the comments. I’ll respond.

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