Students Are Off for Summer But Teachers Are Busy Working (Am I Right?)

Dear Followers, Teachers, Lovers, Learners, and Philosophy Sprinkles Makers! Summertime Means Busy-time for Educators (Am I Right?)

Greig Roselli does a bird's-eye-view selfie in the park
Bird's Eyeview Selfie in the Backyard

During the Summer students go on vacation, but teachers do not. How many of you are taking an extra class, learning a new skill to keep you sharp for next year, or taking on a Summer side job? I am in school so I can add to my certification! So — yeah, there is a lot of activity going on for school teachers in the Summer (even though naysayers will scoff — "Oh, teachers get two months off for Summer!".

Summer Freebie: To show you my appreciation here are two FREE quote posters to share in a Language Arts or Humanities classroom. The first is "live life to the fullest" inspirational poster from Auntie Mame and the other is more of a muse — a quote poster from Terry Pratchett's novel The Hogfather.

I am holding a sale this week on TpT to show off some new products in my Stones of Erasmus TpT store. Here's a preview of some new resources I just created:

  • Philosophy in the Classroom 16 Half-sheet "Freedom" Task Card SetEngage high schoolers with topics ranging from extrinsic and intrinsic freedoms, positive and negative liberty, and conversation starters on fighting for the right to be free (relevant for today, for sure).

16 Half-sheet "Freedom Task Cards" set on TpT

  • A Serial Killer and a Hypocritical Grandmother: Conduct a short story discussion with High School students on Flannery O'Connor's explosive short fiction "A Good Man is Hard to Find"

"A Good Man is Hard to Find" Short Story Discussion Guide on TpT

Two-product Nietzsche bundle includes "The Greatest Weight" and "The Madman"

The story of the ancient trickster hero Sisyphus who cheats death is a famous Greek myth

PDF Copy for Printing

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