How to set up a bookmark folder in Firefox (3.6.3) to open your favorite sites in tabs on a Mac

In a previous post, I demonstrated how to open multiple web pages in Firefox in tabs on startup, but if you're like me, sometimes it is just annoying to have your new sites pop up every time you open up an application, so this trick may serve people better who may only want pages to open in the morning and a certain set of pages to open in the evening. Or set up pages to open for a specific task, like research a paper, for example.
  1. Manually open each web site you want to have opened in tabs. In Mac OS X the keyboard shortcut is Command + T (Press and hold the command key and press the T key and release to create a new tab). You can add two or how many you want. I am going to use my favorite news sites: CNN, NYtimes, Google News, CNET, ESPN, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, BBC, and NPR.
    2. Once you have your array of sites opened in tabs, select "Bookmarks" in the file menu and select "Bookmark All Tabs" (Or use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Command + D).
     3. Give your new bookmarked sites a folder name (News, Morning Coffee, Ms. Kelly's favorite pages, etc.).
     4. Choose where you want to file your bookmarked tabs. For sites I go to every day, I choose to put the folder in the toolbar so it is always visible. But, if you only access a group of sites regularly or even weekly you may want to organize your new sites in the bookmark menu.
    5.  If you really want to feel productive, you can generate a number of these nifty bookmark folders for several tasks you do daily or even occasionally without having to open up manually several websites. I have a bookmark folder set up on my taskbar, for example, for websites I use daily in the classroom to open automatically in tabs so I don't have to waste precious class time keying in URLs.  

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