This blog has become a mishmash. It originally began as a place to place all of my musings, whether they originate from a journal, from Myspace (when I had that service) or facebook.

It has also served as a travel blog.

It has also been a place to put my poems (but not too much of that here).


Now, I have been mainly sending my "text novel" to here and to Facebook.

Did I tell you, though, that I have signed up for a 3 hour course in Reference and Information services?

Get this:

Who wants to be equipped to answer any ready reference question?

I think I am going to buy a kindle and make it into my very own ready reference shelf:

Merriam Webster Dictionary


Encylopedia Britannica

World Almanac

CIA World Fact Book

World Atlas

HMMMM what else

oh yeah

Famous First Facts

Hah Hah

that would be awesome

ok ... got to log into chat for LIS 501

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