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Flipping the Script: Simplifying Subtraction with Addition

98 + x = 100 is a better way to understand what 100 - 98 is!

Do you remember being a child and struggling to understand subtraction? Some people find it more challenging to grasp than its counterpart, addition. But what if we flipped the equation? Today, we're going to look at a fresh approach to the classic subtraction problem, using an equation like '100 - 98', to illuminate this concept.
A confused cartoon character looking at '100 - 98' on a blackboard.
Let's consider the equation '100 - 98'. Many people might fumble around with this, especially when first learning about subtraction. But what if we reframe this problem?

100 - 98      BUT     INSTEAD    98 + x = 100

The transformed equation, '98 + x = 100', is the same problem presented differently. It's easier to comprehend, especially for beginners, because it's now in the form of an addition equation. You can see that you just need to add something to 98 to reach 100.
A timeline showing the progression from 98 to 100.
So what's the value of 'x'? Just look at the numbers: to get from 98 to 100, you need to add 2. That's it! 'x' equals 2. Therefore, '100 - 98' also equals 2.
A light bulb appears over a cartoon character's head, illustrating the moment of comprehension.
Flipping the equation helps simplify the problem by making it more intuitive. The cognitive leap from adding to subtracting is not as challenging, making this a useful strategy, especially for those in the early stages of learning math.
A cartoon character Math student confidently solving other subtraction problems by flipping the equation.
With this innovative approach to subtraction, math problems can become less intimidating, paving the way for a more profound understanding of mathematical principles.
A group of cartoon characters, including the first one, happily solving various math problems on a large blackboard.
By embracing these alternative strategies, we open new paths to mathematical mastery, demonstrating that sometimes, flipping the equation is all it takes! So, give yourself a high-five — with the flipped equation '100 - 98' = '98 + x = 100'.
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