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Bathers Caught in Hyde Park, London

The Serpentine, Hyde Park, London metropolitan policewoman chases naughty bathers circa Pre-WWI London.
Someone on Flickr posted more about this image here.


MTA Service Change Notice With Extras

On a service disruption memo left on the subway platform, a straphanger has scribbled the phone numbers of the New York Police Department Internal Affairs Department and the Civilian Complaint Review Board.
Someone Wants Us to Complain to the MTA/NYPD
I'm not so sure a call to the NYPD internal affairs office will help much with a planned service change. Gotta love the subways on the weekends. The funny part was two police officers were reading the sign just before I snapped the photo. The bottom left of the poster includes the phone number for the "Commission to Combat Police Corruption, 212-487-7350."


Photo: "Police at Crystal Burger"

The Finest dine at Krystal Burger (Nothing Like It!) on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Photograph: The Sheriff at Papa Johns

In this post, I post a photograph of the reigning sheriff of Papa Johns.
I think she ordered breadsticks and then hit the mean streets.