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The Spirit of Capital: Philosophy Graduate Student Conference on Hegel and Marx at the New School for Social Research

Call For Papers
APRIL 28TH -29TH, 2011
55 W 13th St., New York, New York
The New School University
The New School for Social Research

It is impossible completely to understand Marx’s Capital, and especially its first chapter, without having thoroughly studied and understood the  whole of Hegel’s Logic. Consequently, half a century later none of the  Marxists understood Marx!!” wrote Lenin in 1915. In 1969, Althusser responded, “A century and a half later no one has understood Hegel because it is impossible to understand Hegel without having thoroughly studied and understood Capital.” What are we to make of this challenge today? Are we now ready to understand Hegel through Marx, and Marx through Hegel?
It is high time for a reassessment of the core stakes of the Marx-Hegel debate. What would it mean to think the concepts of capital and spirit together? This conference is a place to explore the internal relations between Hegel and Marx’s philosophical projects. Some possible questions include: how does Hegel’s phenomenology, logic, philosophy of nature, history and right internally contain the elements that Marx will use to decipher the world of property, labor, commodities and capital? Is Capital a logical theory of forms or a theory of history? How does Marx negate and realize Hegel’s project? What is the role of labor in Hegel, and the role of spirit in Marx? Does the development of history show the unfolding of freedom or the unfolding of capital?  This conference echoes the early Frankfurt school tradition, with its project for a critique of the social forms of the present.
We encourage submissions on a wide range of topics and thinkers: 
The Philosophy of Right
I.I. Rubin
Substance and Subject in Capital
György Lukács
Hegel’s Logic and Marx’s Grundrisse
Karl Korsch
Property, Alienation, and Class
Ernst Bloch
Form and Content in Hegel and Marx
Walter Benjamin
Concrete and Abstract Labor
Alfred Sohn-Rethel
Master and Slave
Theodore Adorno
Critique, Dialectic and Method
Herbert Marcuse
Time and History
CLR James
Freedom and Necessity
Raya Dunayevskaya
The Value-Form
Guy Debord
Critique of Labor
Alexander Kojeve
Revolution and Negation
Jean Hyppolite
Proletarian Self-Abolition
Frantz Fanon
Materialism and Idealism
Helmut Reichelt
Commodity, Money and Capital
Hans-Georg Backhaus
Capital and Spirit
Gillian Rose
Papers ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 words should be submitted in blind review format to s p i r i t o f c a p i t a l @
Include the following in the body of the email:
i. Author’s name
ii. Title of Paper
iii. Institutional affiliation
iv. Contact information (email, phone number, mailing address)
Please omit any self-identifying information within the body of the paper.