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King Tut Language

Nonsensical Languages

Nonsensical languages are so much fun. You know you are a fan of the nonsensical if you can enjoy Lewis Carrol's "The Jabberwocky." I am stunned that I understand what a vorpal sword is and chortle. Amazing. Simply amazing.

Do you remember Pig Latin as a kid? I-ay o-day! We used to speak Pig Latin in the schoolyard so we could say bad words. Uck-fay ou-yay!

King Tut

"Hello" in King Tut Language
But, what about King Tut language? I stumbled upon this nonsensical language* several years ago, working as a page in a public library - you come across a plethora of arcane, but useful books.

King Tut is a nonsensical language I read about - it involves taking all consonants and simply doubling them and inserting a "U" in the middle. Vowels are pronounced as usual. Here is the alphabet:

King Tut Letters

A, Bub, Coy, Dud, E, Fuf, Gug, Huh (or Hoy), I, Juj (or Joy), Kuk, Lul, Mum, Nun, O, Pup, Quk, Rur (or Roy), Sus, Tut, U, Vuv, Wuw (or Woy), Xux, Yuk (or Yoy), Zuz

Double Letters

If a letter is doubled, like in "book" you say bub-o-square-kuk.
"Hello, How are you?"
in King Tut is rendered
"Huh-e-lul-square-o, Huh-o-wuw a-rur-e yuk-o?" 
When King Tut is spoken it is VERY funny. It sounds like complete nonsense. I teach it for fun to my freshman English class to impress upon them the artificial construct of language (although I don't tell them that is why I am teaching it to them).

It is quite impressive how quickly the students can understand what I am saying once I explain the rules.
*(thanks to Dickson's Word Treasury by Paul Dickson)
Also, thanks to Wordie