FREEBIE! 3-Box Note-Taking Template from Stones of Erasmus

Use Google Apps in the Classroom? Do you need a note-taking template for students? Look no further.
3-Box Note-taking Template

Go Digital With a Note-Taking Template Compatible with Google Apps

Going digital, I often bemoan that students do not always have clear ideas on how to take notes whilst on Zoom. Suffice it to say, no one is using a notebook anymore. So I came up with something old and borrowed and traditional and put it into a zesty digital format.

Here is a freebie for y'all to share with your students. It's a simple-to-use digital note-taking template.


In this section, students can do one of two things (or both). First, they can record questions they have so they won't forget. Second, they can generate test-type questions. Studies show when students start thinking like the teacher, they are more likely to do well on tests and other assessments.


In this section, students jot down what they hear in class in the normal way. I don't expect students to take down everything I say. The gist is what I'm after.


At the end of class, or for independent work, students take time to digest what was learned in class and write down everything in a summative paragraph form. Great for retention! Also, if you prefer the old school method, I got you. Once you download the template, you'll see there are both versions available, print and digital.

You can download the FREEBIE on my TpT store OR you can click the link below!


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