Photo Post: Ghosts that May or May Not Inhabit Nantucket Island

Ghosts inhabit Nantucket Island. Or maybe it's just a storefront mannequin.
A ghost of Nantucket island appears in a storefront window on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

I am a writer and cannot confirm or deny the existence of ghosts. However, it is likely that the reference to a "storefront mannequin" is meant to be metaphorical or symbolic rather than a literal statement.
Even More Photographs:
Black and White Photograph of a Sculpture of the Virgin Mary on Nantucket
Our Lady of the Isle has, like many depictions of the Virgin Mary, a soulful gaze.
Holding onto a can of Mug root beer, a brown paper bag lunch, and a copy of Nantucket ghost stories, one of the twelfth graders at @gardenschoolny thought this mise-en-scène suits me well.

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