Photo: Sixth Grade Photographic Portrait

Greig in Sixth-Grade, circa 1992
I'll probably regret posting this picture of me taken on a Sixth Grade field trip to the Global Wildlife Center in Folsom, Louisiana.

I feel like when you're in the sixth grade you're not fully a self. I have journal entries from my sixth-grade years to prove it. I was worried about catching the bus on time, whether or not people would make fun of my glasses (they did) and figuring out how I was going to kill the most annoying kids in my class. I also opined whether Jennifer (the girl in my class I liked) had a cute butt.

Josh Newell was my buddy at the time. I don't remember much about our friendship except that I am pretty sure his mother was a born-again Christian and he had a thick Mississippi accent. Also, James was my friend at the time but we had a rocky relationship. I had stolen his scientific calculator and would not give it back to him - I even pawned it off to some other kid in the other sixth-grade class down the hall. 

Like I said - when you're in Sixth Grade you're not really a real person yet.  

Here is the group photo (we real cool).

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