Streetcar at Hickory

The neighborhood streets are filled with a nice one inch blanket of water. The Toyota is at school on high ground; I'm happy to be a transit commuter for a bit. The rain is heavy; slight fog. Streetcar comes to a halt at the Riverbend so conductor can get herself a jelly donut.
Lady tells me, "Supposed to be like Saturday. Supposed to be like Saturday. Tulane and Claiborne flooded, Lord, Oh Lord. I'm surprised right here ain't flooded."
It ain't nothing but a hairflip thang, I tell her. Mother nature's a bitch, but you just swat your hair *me imitating Chris Crocker * like that. That's what you do. Sure do.
The streetcar starts up again. I'm relieved I won't be late for work. We're finishing up some miscellaneous myths. Perhaps we'll do a flood myths, sounds a propo.

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  1. I love the stream of consciousness while you are one your way to work. I always think about what I will be teaching that day and how it's connected to life. Love the pic, too.