Musing: The Red Wine Freud Da Game

image credit: arpla
Tuesday night I cut my foot. Usually, when I drink with my roommates I keep the glassware downstairs and the conversation confined to the kitchen. Not this time. After the "party" had dispersed I took a tumbler of red wine to my room and no sooner had I sat down to talk to my friend Patrick on the phone had I knocked over the damn tumbler and kablam!  shards of glass everywhere. Not one to do manual labor after the sun goes down, I merely plopped myself on the bed and told Patrick good night.


Far East Movement Like a G6 (with MS Paint)

Like a G6 Literal Interpretation:

There is something about the silly lyrics of dance floor hip hop that just makes me go Ha Ha.

How many literal interpretations did you notice?
credits: LiteralMSPaint


Interactive Winnie the Pooh

 What we wish our Kindle could do . . .
Here's what I call an interactive book


Photos: Ponyo

"Ponyo", Jacob Riis Park, Far Rockaway Queens, New York City

"Bench", Jacob Riis Park, Far Rockaway Queens, New York City
                                                            "Rear Window," Far Rockaway Shuttle


Photo: Buggy

I pose with a buggie next to the A train elevated line in Far Rockaway, Queens.
We call 'em buggies


Photograph: "Lifesaver"

An unwrapped red lifesaver candy lies on a sidewalk somewhere in New York City.
"Lifesaver" © 2012 Greig Roselli
The life you save may be your own. I understand this quote now than I ever did before in my short life. I take a rather peculiar take on life. I feel like no matter what happens to me two things eventually occur. First, I cannot control a lot of stuff that happens to me. I can't pay my rent. My boyfriend dumps me. I lose my job. My doctor says I have high blood pressure. And so on. But then there is the response to whatever batsh*&t crazy stuff happens to me. I can respond to it. I go to my room and shut the door and don't come out for forty-eight hours. Or. I go to a museum (I live in New York so museums are like drugstores). I take a walk. I flirt. I talk to strangers. I do. I be. I am. Do be do be do. Therein lies the small modicum of freedom between what is unassailable and what I can do about it.


Photograph: "Birds"

I used this photograph of birds flying away in a baseball field near Fort Tilden as the cover of my book of essays entitled Things I Shouldn't Have Said (And Other Faux Pas).