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Navigating the Emotional Upsurge in COVID-19 Times: Reflections & Coping Strategies

How are you doing? I have a theory about COVID-19. It heightens everything. If you're an anxious person. You're more anxious. If you're worried. You're more worried. It's the season of the conqueror worm. But you got this. Drop a like if you agree.

My days are filled with an array of activities: meticulously planning lessons, diligently grading papers, leisurely lounging at home, savoring meals, engaging in spirited games of pinochle, delving into the latest Mad magazine, and embracing moments of introspection to reconnect with my inner child. What about you? What have you been up to lately?


Video Repost: Is this the End of Publishing?

I  thought this video was thought-provoking. I presented the video to my classroom with mixed results.

Some comments from ninth grade students:
  • "I get distracted when I read. It's not ideas I don't like, it's reading."
  • "I think it's ironic they posted it on Youtube."
  • I get it but it's hard to explain." 
  • "Well, I don't read but I'm still smart."
  • "I read in magazines what Lady Gaga's wearing, does that count?"
  • "Oh, it reverses!"
  • "They say 'Lady Gaga" with an "R" sound." 

PDF Copy for Printing