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Pizza Face: Wednesdays in the School Dining Hall

What do you eat for lunch at school?

On Wednesdays, we eat Pizza.

A Slice of Pizza
Pizza Face. What you looking at?





GIF: Teachers Do Lunch Duty!

Teachers sit together at the lunch table.
I don't like doing lunch duty. However, I love the teachers who I share lunch duty responsibilities with every day. One teacher has been a teacher for fifty years. That's an accomplishment. The other teacher is my work wife. We're married according to the holy vows of accredited teacher-marriage. The other teacher is my roommate. We share a room, boo. And the last teacher is a science teacher who enjoys eating his lunch with us. Love Y'all! *besos*


List Writing: Must I Have Something to Say?

Goals — What Goes Up Must Come Down
Writing a list of questions and providing a concise answer helps to solidify confidence in goal-making.
A List of Goal-Related Questions with Concise Answers
1. Must one have a plan?
Yes. But be open to abort and plan again.

2. Must I have something to say?
No. It makes you more mysterious. Or more stupid. Go figure.

3. Must one write every day?
Yes. Blogs and grocery lists don't count. Only sterling prose. (bullshit).

4. Must one be self-effacing?
Yes. Because otherwise, you're just a non-self-effacing twat. I was going to say, "dick" but I didn't.

5. Must I read into everything?
Yes. Because most people under-read everything.

6. Must I write in lists?
No. But some bloggers insist it promotes readability.

7. Must I use words to express meaning?
Yes, dammit. I hate it when people ask such questions.

8. Must I rant? Or must I rave?

9. Must words more often fail than succeed (in meaning)?
This could be a paper topic. Or a dissertation.

10. Must beauty be truth?
Yes. And truth, beauty.