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Fish in the Sea (Or, Why I Like Aquariums)

Coney Island Beach back in the day.
I enjoy aquariums. The vast amount of water in large, transparent tanks transfix the eyes. I can watch stingrays all day. I anthropomorphize their bellies — don't you think they look like smiling faces? In New York — at Coney Island  there is a modest aquarium. I was excited when I found the moray eel hanging out behind a fake coral. Aquatic creatures! It's comforting to fantasize about life in water. One of my favorite Disney animations is The Sword in the Stone* the boy Arthur turns into a squiggly little fish  then a squirrel  but it is the fish scene I liked the most. Wouldn't life be so much agiler under the waves? Well, when a garfish isn't chasing you.
Arthur (as a fish) being chased by a garfish 
in Disney's The Sword and the Stone (1963)


The Plea of the Aquarium: A Fish's Silent Message - 'Don't Eat Me'

Dive into the captivating world of aquarium life as we explore a unique interaction with a fish that seems to say, 'Don't Eat Me'.
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In an unexpected twist, a fish from our aquarium shared a silent plea — 'Don't Eat Me'. This fascinating interaction invites us to reconsider our relationship with marine life and raises questions about their awareness and communication abilities.
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