Aesthetic Thursdays: A.I. Art Made by Dall-E 2 — A Gallery of Images

I asked Dall-E 2, a powerful artificial intelligence that can generate original images, to create works of art based on specific instructions I gave, along with minor adjustments I made myself.

1. This is me reading a book and sipping coffee in my private library.
2. I asked the A.I. to make a Diane Arbus-inspired photograph of a boy with wings.
3. I asked the bot to create a fun image of me with “Sprinkles!” as the theme. Um. Not what I expected.
4. I’m obsessed with Caravaggio, so I asked the computer to surprise me with an oil painting 🖼️.
5. I’m a painter (with a peacock as a friend) sitting next to a TARDIS. Notice anything else weird (besides the fact that the police call box is supposed to be blue)?
What do you think? Let me know your favorite image in the comments.
#art #chatbot #artificialintelligence #art from stonesoferasmus.com

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