COVID-19 Neighborhood: Taking a Walk to Buy Groceries During a Pandemic (In Jackson Heights, Queens)

Taking a walk in Jackson Heights, I stitched together a video as I walked to the grocery store — an essential trip I must take (which has made me ponderous, and sad).
Taking A Walk Today — Spring 2020 in New York City, the Epicenter of the Coronavirus Pandemic
Step outside in New York City and you will see folks wearing surgical masks. Just a month ago that would have looked strange — but it has become the norm almost overnight. Heeding the injunction to stay indoors by my local officials, I still have to venture out to buy essentials like rice, beans, canned chicken and tuna, and other provisions. I have become a maestro at making simple dishes with few ingredients! On my walk, I maintain a six-foot distance but it is hard to keep the mask on my face (it slips down my nose). I am afraid to touch anything — but I know I am safe and I feel privileged.
The Pandemic Has Blown the Lid Off of Social Inequalities that Persist in American Society
What about people who have to commute every day by subway or bus? What about people with kids to feed — how are they coping with this crisis? The pandemic has thrown the lid off of social inequality — that before COVID-19 was easy to brush off — but lays itself bare. In this video, I walk past storefronts, people rushing by, and I think, and I ponder. I hope our city makes it through this chaos, this interruption. I am hopeful. Though. I think we can come through rejuvenated — and I hope we can become more generous, more connected to our neighbor. And oh. Try my mom's potato salad!

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