The “Acts of Contrition” and Other Random Prayers and Sayings I Know By Heart

It's funny what a person knows by heart. Like. I know my social security number by heart. I had to learn it by accident. What I mean is that I learned it accidentally. I wrote the number so many times on forms, spoken to bank representatives and inscribed on tax forms. I learned the "Queen Mab" monologue in high school - a passionate speech about the fantasy of dreams from Romeo and Juliet. 

 I know the act of contrition. Oh my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended thee ...

I know a handful of prayers. Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory be.

I know facts about my childhood. The rules of the fortune game. The steps that led to the parish church: seven.

I know the date of my birth: the twenty-ninth of fucking December.

I know a few poems by Jack Prelutsky by heart: Homework, Oh! Homework I hate you / You stink.

I know the first line of a Wordsworth poem: The world is too much with us ...

I don't know what I wore yesterday. I do know I wore black slacks. However, I don't know the color of the tie even though I hung it up in the closet an hour ago.

I do not remember what I look like. I have to look in the mirror to remind me.

Why is that?

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