Postcard of Multnomah Falls in Oregon (With Transcript)

A postcard depicting Multnomah Falls 
in the Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah County, Oregon, U.S. [frontside]
Birthday Letter [backside]
I don't remember where I found this postcard, but I think it was in a public library book on bats.

According to the postcard, Multnomah Falls is the second-highest waterfall in the United States (and it is located 30 miles east of Portland, Oregon on the Columbia River).

Here is the transcript of the postcard. Emma wishes Sophia "Happy Birthday". The postcard was originally attached to an 1880 cookbook.

Dear Sophia,

This might seem like an odd present,

but when I was home I was really into

reading these old old cookbooks -

there was something inspiring to me

about the simpicity[sic] and matter of

factness - and how it was not just about

food but about saving and healing.

Anyway it made me want to find you one too

and I finally did it. It's from 1800 and

I hope you have fun exploring.


Wishing you all good things in the year

(and decade!) to come.

Much Love,


Full View of the Falls © 2018 Leonardolol4

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