Salo: A Film You Really Don't Need To See

Salo is another film I add to my list of films I cannot stomach to watch completely. I know it's kind of presumptuous of me to suggest a person not see a film, but I think Salo is the only film I would ever give the warning, "you may not want the images in this film to scar you for the rest of your life." If you're okay with people eating feces and very graphic torture/sex scenes, then you'll have no problem. It's not so much that the violence is so intense, but rather, it's Pasolini's underlining message. The film documents horrific events masterminded by members of Italy's fascist elite during the Second World War. An oligarchic assembly chooses from the most beautiful youth in the surrounding towns rural areas to systematically torture and destroy. The message is blunt. Given enough prestige and power, people will live out their cruelest nihilistic fantasies if given the opportunity.

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