A Snapshot of the Adolescent Reader Today in 2010

Young people read more across
different types of genre and content 
I asked several young people what they like to read and how often they read different types of content. Their answers may surprise you!

Miller (age 14)
I enjoy reading many different type blogs. I would not say I read them on a regular basis but I read them maybe once a week. The blogs I have read are very wide spread. Whatever I am in the mood for on that particular day, I will go on my iTouch and type it in on google. It can be about food, how to do something, hobbies I like, information blogs, musicians, and pretty much anything I want to know more about.
Haime (age 15)
I read blogs every once in a while on a blog sight.  When I do read them I like to read them. This is because it is something I like and understand more than anything. If it was something i did not care for it would be the other way around and I would not read it at all. Or if i was required to read it I would not read it as well because unless i was interested in it.

Koumba (age 14)
I think reading is boring sometimes. Usually when i read i get distracted and I dont stay on subject and dont read. I dont enjoy reading usualy when i read its because of school.I just do not enjoy reading because I usually did not ever read. I do not usually ever read for fun but i usually read if someone makes me. School makes you read but I read some book im interested in but some I am not. I get bored after reading like to pages if it is not interesting which most are to me.   

Indira (age 15)
if I am at home I will most likely be texting or cooking. The only book that I will read and enjoy by myself is a recipe book on desserts.

Jordan (age 14)
I love picking up a book that I really want to read. When I start reading it, I usually can't stop. If the book is really good, then I spend all night reading it just to finish it. It's like my hands are glued to the book. 

Suzie Q (age 15)
When I am reading a book, "I get lost in a book." When I read a book that I like, the book is really good and I do not want to put the book down then I get lost in the book. When I really get into a book, and someone tells me that we have to go, I bring the book with me. 

Cordelia (age 15)
I like to read magazines. I get "Teen Vogue" in the mail every month. I mostly like that magazine because of the perfume samples they have in them. I think I like magazines because I like gossip, even though its not good and I like celebrity gossip a lot so I read magazines.
N.B. Responses are accurate and devoid of copyediting. Participants are real kids.
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