On Being Accepted To The New School for Social Research

I was accepted into the MA Philosophy program at the New School for Social Research in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City.
I was accepted for the Spring 2010 term but I have not yet received word from the Admissions Department on scholarship funding. Depending on the funding I receive will determine if I move now or defer admission to the Fall semester. * Here's me crossing my fingers *

Reasons why the New School is a great choice for me:
  1. New York City!
  2. A closet for an apartment!
  3. Strong emphasis in Continental Philosophy!
  4. Concentration in Psychoanalysis
  5. Continental Philosophy and Neuroscience (that's a course)
  6. Simon Critchely is the head of the department 
  7. Anna Stoler teaches at the New School as well.
  8. Lots of Philosophy
  9. Lots of close reads of philosophical texts
  10. Poor and educated

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