Greig Roselli's 100th Post on Stones Of Erasmus

The one-hundredth post of anything should not go unrecognized. You could say, "What the hell? One hundred posts? Who cares?" I will not think less of you. Blog posts should be celebrated, however. Stones of Erasmus launched in 2005.

Posts when I first started blogging were rare. My energy was relegated to other writing projects. The blog here gained momentum last August when I posted my road trip across America.
Railroad Tracks in Lebeau © Google Maps

I am posting the one-hundredth blog from Bordelonville, LA. I decided to journey with Tony, Andre, Cherie, Ricky, Michelle, Michael, Samuel, and Eddie (a Shih Tzu mix) to the country for the Bordelonville Church Fair. When we cross the railroad track in Lebeau everyone must sing, "We're in the country now! We're in the country now! High-Ho-the-Cherry-Oh we're in the country now!" In Bordenlonville we feasted on cracklins, jambalaya and tried our luck playing twenty-five cent Bingo. The big prize was a twenty-five dollar gift certificate to Glamour Puss in downtown Bordelonville.

Andre brought us to his house (replete with fifteen feral cats). He introduced us to his handsome mother and joie de vivre Father. The Church fair was swarming with raffle tickets, Catholic ritual, cajun talk, and young kids climbing an obstacle course rope in the hopes of ringing the bell to gain a prize. The kids in this town seem fed on hearty meals, trained in hunting, and ready to begin boozing it up at 15.

The guys I had it in my mind to bring home to New Orleans a cute Bordelonvillian (just kidding). A defensive woman with her chest thrust outward, toting cigarettes and alcohol told me don't waste your time on men in Bordelonville. But, I told her, Andre LaBorde is from here and he is a fine man -- she looked at Andre and said, "We boo, you sure do beat out the rest of these sorry mother fuckers!" She left quicker than a single dad late on his child support check.

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