Aug 3, 2017

Destin Floaties Summer 1984

Destin, Florida July 1984

It's funny how memory works. I remember sitting on a hotel bed in Florida eating Pringles with my younger brother - wearing floaties.

That's pretty much how it went down for the Roselli July 1984 beach vacation. Except I was eating Planters brand cocktail peanuts - and that's my older brother in the photograph, not my younger sibling. And look. He's attempting to give me bunny ears. I'm clueless.

Mom says we first jumped on the bed. Whenever we first arrived. But there's no photograph of that first introduction to this classy Destin joint.

And no one can confirm it's Destin. But I don't care. I'd like to think that there's a six-year old me floating in some beachside pool in Destin - the State of everlasting beach vacations Florida.

And ohhhh. I found the floaties. And look at me chomping on those Sour Cream and Onion Ruffles brand potato chips.

Wear Your Floaties!

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