Apr 14, 2011

Tchefuncte Parish

Interstate 90, a novel, takes places in Tchefuncte Parish, Louisiana
Tchefuncte Parish Map, © 2011

Janie cannot stand to have her Foodstop destroyed by a bulldozer. Resilient and head strong she and her son Lane decide to keep the family store running as the future corridor of I-90 is built up around them.

Janie's house with fancy arrow pointing to track homes

Frontage road follows the Meyer Interchange and goes under the
freeway and follows the river.

The brown dashed road is a trail to the woods to pre-stress, a landfill of culverts and discarded highway waste.

Where the interstate becomes a road is the intersection of highway 90 (the future elevated I-90) with Janie's  Foodstop in the center.

Pop. 332

Highway 90 (Future corridor of Interstate 90)

Construction symbols denoting the construction of new interstate.

Ruddock in a crescent shape (the name of the town)

Burger Barn


To Ferry Landing to the right


To McReady (to the left)

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