Apr 15, 2010

Access My Library for the iPhone

I love access to my public library's online resources, like EBSCOhost and Galegroup resources.

I'm pleased to know I can access some of the resources I pay taxes for, not only on my computer, but on my iPhone.

Gale Group, a leading reference resource has developped a nifty iPhone app that uses to geotracking to locate the nearest public libraries in your area and allows you to access electronic through an app.

Whay this means is I can access Scribner's Writer's Series on my phone.

If I live in San Francisco, then I can access the public library there as well.

Gale allows this access for free because it knows it helps libraries reach out to more of its patrons who may not have access to the stacks because of work or other committments. This ensures libraries will continue to use Gale as an online database service.

The app enhances iPhone's ability to search out reputable resources. The world wide web does not always contain the most desirable sources, and sometimes I need access to a subscription database to locate trustworthy information.

Now, only if the legal battle can cease, then Google can offer a similar service through it's Books feature.
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