Expressions in the Classroom

The funniest thing about being a teacher is learning the expression of your students. A pen in the mouth: they're thinking about sex. Twirling their hair: same thing. Smiling: they are listening. Staring off into space: something else is more important. My favorite is group expression: group laughter. I love it when the class acts as a group and the students respond spontaneously to the material and join in expressively. We were talking about embarrassing elementary school experiences: one kid told us how his teacher braid his moppish hair and I spoke about how I pulled down on my second grade teacher's cardigan at a Halloween Haunted house. I was so scared. When we came out through the other end I had made her sweater into a dress. The problem with being a teacher today: it is hard to make every lesson exhilirating. Sometimes, a lesson is boring. How do I make articles interesting ? (especially at 7:40 in the AM). And: students are highly critical of their teachers. But, we demand a lot from them, so it goes both ways. Geez, if the opprobrium of the grade would dissapear! Anyway: best moment this year: sculptures. Worst moment: being blamed for losing a notebook. Jesus, do I look like a housekeeper? Let's get back to nouns, verbs, and shit.


  1. Greig: You have become such a creative and passionate educator. I love when students laugh together out loud too. My favorite moments is when they make me laugh and I can't stop. They can be so creative too. The connections they make with the material is hilarious. One student makes a hip hop song about the bodhi tree--that's my favorite.

  2. My favorite moments are when students make crazy connections. Like creating a rap with the word bodhi tree as if it were a body part.
    Greig: you have become THE MASTAH educaTOR, my friend. Happy Exams.